Lathrop Home

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who lives at Lathrop Home?
People from all walks of life, ages 60 years and beyond enjoy sharing a homelike environment while maintaining their own level of independence. 

Will I see new staff often?
No!  Lathrop Home has very low staff turnover.  Most of the staff have worked at Lathrop Home between 5 and 20 years.  We maintain a team of happy, committed individuals, who love our residents and work together to support one another in providing every resident with the support they need. 

Must I sign a long term agreement, or make a large deposit?
No, our very reasonable rates are prorated according to each resident’s length of stay.  We do not have an admission or discharge fee and no deposit is required.  We serve both private pay and publicly supported patients equally. 

How much does it cost to pay privately?
Our private pay rate is $4,350 per month or $145 per day, which can be prorated based on length of stay.  This includes your utilities, room & board, all meals (including snacks), laundry, housekeeping, 24 hour nursing services, including but not limited too medication management and wellness activities. We provide assistance with personal care based on individual needs. Typically the only out-of-pocket costs that our residents have other than their personal items, is a private phone and/or television. A community room with television and telephones are available to meet all resident needs. 

What if I cannot afford the private rate?
If a resident does not have the means to pay our private rate we will assist them in applying for public supported assistance programs. 

May I have visitors?   May I go out for the day, or overnight?
Yes to both!  You are free as you would be in your own home, to have visitors, including pets.  You are always welcome to go out shopping, sightseeing, visiting or vacationing with family and friends.  Your friends and family are welcome to share a meal here at “your place” for a nominal fee.

May I bring my own furniture?

You may furnish your room with your favorite things or if you wish, we will furnish a room for you.
With so many options, why should I choose Lathrop Home?
We have the ability to provide you the most supportive, caring, home-like residential care option in the area.  We believe in knowing our residents on a personal level and responding to their individual needs and preferences.  We encourage independence in your life choices. 

What is your connection to Lathrop Community?
Lathrop Home has no affiliation with Lathrop Community.  Our size, philosophy and financial structure are different.  Lathrop Home has provided a home-like environment to many residents since 1884.  We are a local not-for-profit organization catering to residents that want the safety, security and fun of living in a home-like communal environment.